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Bridging the Void 2015


A dance-film production designed and produced by the dance company Experiential


Choreographer&film artist: Rachel Johnson

Dancers: Elzbieta Kowalik, Eleanor Palmer, Clelia Vuille

Composer: James Welland

Camera operator: Jonathan Binks


Intersections 2014


An ever-changing site-sensitive dance performance for religious spaces



Choreography: Chloe Aliyanni

Dancers: Elzbieta Kowalik, Eleanor Palmer, Clelia Vuille, Markella Kefallonitou (past: Aifric Ni Chaoimh,Verena Schneider

Musicians: Kizzy Brooks (percussion), Nina Harries (double bass)

Original composition: Dani Howard

Film & Documentation: Lucie Sheppard


Masa Dance Journey Performance 2014


Zichri Theater, Israel

Repertoire from KCDC Dance Company and pieces from emerging choreographers


Gul Makai (2013)


choreographer: Tess Lucassen

Photographer: Nevo Uri



Where we are (2012)

choreographer: Lizzi Kew-Ross

Photographer: Kyle Stevenson


Surrogate Cities (2012)

choreographer: Jeremy Nelson

Photographer: Tony Nandi


The Waves

costumes and concept by Natalie Khoo

Photographer: Valeriya Vygodnaya


In studio... (2013)

Dancer: Clélia Vuille

Photographer: Shawnna Cope Michalek


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