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Irrelevant but necessary 


Dancers and choreographers: Jessica Haener and Clélia Vuille

Sound: Garry Scott James

Film: Moe Marino


- 9th and 10th March 2015 as part of Printemps de Sévelin Festival. Théâtre de Sévelin 36, Lausanne, Switzerland

- July 2015 as part of SummerStreet Festival, London

- 3rd October 2015 as part of Spontaneous Combustion Festival, London

- 31st May 2016 as part of Brighton Fringe, Brighton


A huge thank you for all the contributors to our crowdfunding campaign! We reached our goal and fully funded our project! Massive thank you to Marina Froidevaux, la famille Wenger, James Turnbull, Monika Thomann, Sharon Berkowicz, Rachel Johnson, Kimberley Harvey, Manon Vuille, Gaby&Philippe Wolf, Verena Schneider, Sonja Desplos, Babur, Raphael, Anne Mermoud Ottiger, Françoise Dubuis, Kari Utvear Gasser, Sabrina Wolf, la famille Haener, Jennifer Binoth, Adam Russell, David Lukas Hemm, Sandro & Jean-luc, all of you who believed in the project and helped us to make it the best it can be. Clélia&Jessica

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