I started yoga classes to improve strength, flexibility and focus as a dancer but I then realised that those are only the tip of the iceberg and there is so much more to yoga that I am discovering every day.

Yoga is a means through which I learn to know myself a bit better every day and is something I want to share with others. I truly believe that yoga is for everyone and that we can all benefit from it.

Through my yoga practise, I get the chance to listen to my body, becoming aware of its needs and its limits.

To me, it is a way to press pause on my daily life and it helps me to stay grounded and focused. Life is always changing and we constantly need to adapt to new circumstances . I believe yoga provides consistency in this fast-paced, ever-changing world and gives me the time to work it out physically within my body and process what is happening around me in a calmer and honnest way.



Most importantly, yoga is a journey, different for each of us, and that is what is so beautiful about it. With my teaching, I would love to support you on your personal yoga journey.

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