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What makes the crowd? - choreography


Choreography and concept: Clélia Vuille in collaboration with the dancers

Dancers: Haruka Suzuki, Andrea Romesser, Kevin Franc, Michal Przybyla, Susan Hoogbergen


Edited version of Homelands by Nitin Sawhney



Train station. Same place, same time but many different pathways, emotions, destinations, stories evolving simultaneously. Each of us are creating this bustling crowd. People arrive and leave but the crowd remains, only the faces change.


Train station. A scene framed by the doors. Snap, they close again. A flash, a moment of perception is all we have. Then we create our own story.


Train station. A place where we meet and share for a moment, until one of us will have to leave again. It can be very brief or unexpectedly long. You might help her to go up the stairs, borrow him a lighter or have a long conversation about life with the guy standing here.


Train station. A place where we arrive and where we leave. But we take a little of each other everywhere.




Choreography and concept: Clélia Vuille in collaboration with the dancers

Dancers: Lydia Touliatou, Juliette Coturel, Jessica Haener, David Kam, Joe Garbett, Kristopher Davies, Clélia Vuille, Alice Labant

length: 15 minutes


- November 2015, Cerise Festival, Switzerland (different version)

- April 2016, The Point Pitch.16 Platform, England

- September 2017, Incidanse festival, Fribourg Switzerland





That moment will soon become a memory. So I want to hold on to it. I want to press pause, change the way we act, the background, the lighting.  Snap. You're gone. We meet, we share and we leave each other. Over time the memories begin to blur, the colours fade out and details escape.

This work deals with the notion of remembrance, questioning our relationship to memories and inviting the exploration of the sensation of absence. What is left from a relationship? What are the consequences of what is no longer there? How the absence can take on a presence of its own?


Comment ne pas laisser le temps, la nostalgie ou les regrets abîmer les souvenirs? Et paradoxalement comment se détacher de ceux-ci pour avancer? Traitant la notion de réminiscence et la sensation d'absence, cette pièce nous invite a questionner nos rapports aux souvenirs et les conséquences de ce qui n'est plus là.

Trailer 2016

Pitch platform, Eastleigh, The Point

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